Thursday, October 26, 2006

Swain's World: Origins pitch

From The Desk of Liz Ensley (and cross-posted from MySpace):

Swain's World: Origins Pitch

Swain's World: Origins is a 50,000 word fantasy novel set in Year 21 of the New Age, on Yesvod . Orth is a a studious young half-ogre with a knack for academics who believes in the Ogre-Prydewing Treaty, and in a peace shared by all races. He wants the treaty's reinforcement, because because he believes that the best alternative is a peaceful one. He is prevented from attaining this goal because because the son of the old king, Ornst Quartax, is renegotiating behind the backs of the current administration to bring about an overthrow of Tavitt, and his family's return to the throne.

(And it's because of that, that Ornst is instigating a new Ogre-Prydewing war).

In a way, the pitch is the most basic synopsis of your book: the above is what I plan to write for my NaNo. It's going to have a lot mroe than that, of course, but I think the major viewpoint, the main character will be Orth. Yes, I could focus on the events around Orth, which are also important: but in many ways, Orth is a harbinger of what is to come. He's the very first half-Ogre with a Talent (that's what they call a certain, familial magical trait in my world. There are lesser mages, but the Greater Houses tend towards these Talents, in verying degrees).

In the legends of the Draco-morphs, there is a tale--not a prophecy, but something that has happened before--of the world. Something unusual occurs before something major occurs, to help balance things out and maintain the natural order--the world's survival. In this case, Orth is the key--but to what? Even Sage cannot say.

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