Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Workshop

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From The Desk of Liz Ensley:

          It's times like this, when I finally get to open uo my old newsletters, that I really miss hearing from Phaedre each month, and I miss getting the SFFW newsletter, too. The past issues are located at the Science Fiction and Fantasy Workshop Newsletter Archives.
          In case you're wondering, Phaedre is Kathleen Woodbury. Her kind words of encouragement, in the face of improbable odds (and versus someone's graceless and tactless non-acceptance of a critique) is what's served to keep me more active in writing and the like, then I would have been. Not that I would not have ended up writing, anyway--once it's in your blood, it's an infection that you cannot shake, this insidious bug. Her kind words of encouragement are what kept me going, early on, in my first workshop/writing group days.
          Anyone who's starting out, anyone who feels a bit lost with feedback, and the like--I encourage them to check out the Hatrack River Writers Workshop. Phaedre's still there, and still involved with new writers, too. That should be enough recommendation for anyone, IMO.

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