Sunday, June 24, 2007

Five Basic Facts

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From The Desk of Liz Ensley:

At the Barclay Funereal Home website, they had something on five basic facts about grief. I saved a copy, though I had to spell-check the darn thing. It had several errors. I let the editor out to play for a while. ;-) I mean, I have been though the process, and on more than one occasion, but it's something that bears repeating, because that's part of the burden of Necromancy, and will help me add some emotional details to the story. See, even if the protagonist is technically not dead, not his soul or spirit, anyway, there's still going to be that period of mourning. See, his human body's dead, he'll never return to it and, although his daughter's aware from circumstantial evidence that his spirit is trapped in an inanimate object because she paid attention to her Necromantic studies, both characters, as well as subsidiary ones who have absolutely no idea what transpired, everyone's going to grieve; and so will a lot of people at the beginning of the book, too, because of all the mysterious deaths that make it seem to them like the kingdom's cursed.



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