Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Kathy Carmichael's Pitch Generator

From The Desk of Liz Ensley:

I was curious--going from one blog to another via a link, I found Kathy Carmichael's Pitch Generator. It seems as if it might be useful: I tried it for my (as yet unwritten) project for National Novel Writing Month, and this is what was generated (I went to Samuel Stoddard's Fantasy Name Generator for the name of the mountains).

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Swain's World: Origins Pitch

Swain's World: Origins is a 50,000 word fantasy novel set in Year 21 of the New Age. The story takes place in the Ribshach Mountains.. Sage Valhoor is a a Mage, whose Talent is The Sight, an ability to see into both the past and, to an extent,. the future. who believes in free will. Sage believes that those with a Talent should be trained in its use.. He wants to see for himself whether a young half-ogre has a Talent, as Garth's brother Warren has suggested., because Sage believes in fair play; he's also doing it as a favor for a childhood friend, Garth Danau, who has a few things to take care of at home (the harvest, among other things), and can't spare the time to give this matter the attention that he feels it deserves.. He is prevented from attaining this goal because someone is trying to instigate another territorial conflict, like the one ten years previously, which led to a treaty between the half-ogre and Prydewing colonies; and this same party wishes to intercept all communications to cut off the colonies from the outside world.

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This also seems like it would be a great outliner for your story's basic plot, if you have not written one.


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