Thursday, November 23, 2006

Hey! It's Alive!

From The Desk of Liz Ensley:

          Terror restarted her computer, so my system is back online. Yay!
          I survived Thanksgiving, too. I must have one of the best families. I just hope that some day, I can return their kindnesses, somehow.
          I'm still running with Squirrelzilla. They managed to get the two beams off Orth's leg, thanks to the Grypnonne and the Equus (species names in my novel, reflecting respective cultural identities--pronounciation is obvious). Now, they have to set the bones in his leg or legs, I have not quite decided yet. Considering that Orth wasn't supposed to break his leg in the first place, well, the story and challenges just got quite a bit more interesting. I think I might deal with the death of a Deity, too, but that's okay, she'll return, come Spring.
          Yes, I'm still deliberating the story. It's going to take longer than NaNoWriMo to work out, but at least it's a jump start. NaNoEdMo might be back up by March but, if it isn't, I'll try to be at the editing point anyway. I'm signed up for National Novel Finishing Month, which should help keep me writing.


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