Friday, February 02, 2007

The Parasitorium: Parasitic Sands


      Frank let Gazelle drag him into the dark alley between the Celtic Bar and her father's mall. All things considered, it was a small price to pay for being engaged to an heiress and the wealthiest girl in town. Not that she wasn't a looker, though that helped; the point was that she had money and he didn't, not until after the wedding.
      The storefront looked like the shop had been abandoned for years. The yellowed "Going Out of Business" sign, frayed and crackled, seemed as if it would crumble into dust if you breathed on it. Most of the storefronts shared the same dilapidation. No wonder they were condemned. The hand-scrawled sign over the door read "Granny's Place." From what little he saw past the sign and the boards, the store had been closed for quite some time.
      "Are you sure it's open?" Frank asked. "This place looks like it's been closed for years."
      "Peggy told me about it." Gazelle smiled at him and put her hand on the doorknob. It seemed to open even before she turned the knob. She drew him behind her into the shop before he had a chance to take a breath. The door closed behind them with a final click.

Mine is one of nineteen tales of terror at the beach, available in the anthology. For more information, visit

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