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      I found an informative link that can help with both Valhoor and Radulf Manors, since they are both of a similar (or even the same basic) design. Britain Express has a page on Medieval Manors in England. That should be a great help, in setting the story's stage.
      Whee! Moving right along, now...
      I think the Radulf Manor is based on the architecture of Valhoor Manor. It's newer, so there are fewer ghosts running around. Still, it gives me a clearer mental image of my stage.

Quote from page:

By the early 15th century the fortified manor house had run its course. The more settled conditions of the period meant that defense was no longer the highest priority, and more time and energy was spent creating structures with comfort in mind. The drawbridge gave way to a fixed bridge over the moat, and the gatehouse became more elaborately decorative; a grand entry way rather than a forbidding barrier. The upper floor of the gatehouse was often used as a chapel.

      I have not decided on any sort of religion for he world yet, unlike for TLGM. Still, I would say that it is progressing splendidly.


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