Friday, May 18, 2007

Random Update Friday 19 May 2007

I saw Dr. Zucker two days ago. Saw Dr. Deshrage yesterday. Some bone density loss prescribed calcium supplements with vitamin D twice a day. Had a prescription for it, that my insurance didn't cover, but got it. I also had a prescription for some scalp ointment that the insurance did cover. I hope I remember to joke with Doctor Deshrage about that, when I see him in three weeks. He made it a point to make sure that I had a prescription for the ointment that the insurance would cover, but not for the calcium supplements. ;-) His prescription was for 500, and Rose gave me the 600s, but they're pretty much the same thing, so I'm going to finish the ones she gave me before I start in on that one, since I'll probably take them for the rest of my life.

Getting to the appointment was fun, too. I was on the wrong side of the street, and one guy said not to worry, the bus driver would take a break at the train station and be back, but I knew the driver took his break by Dunkin Donuts. I walked several blocks to my appointment. I'm still feeling it today. When I got in, I was only five minutes late, which wasn't bad. Then, I get back to see the nurse, and she asks me, on a scale of one to ten, what my pain level is. I told her not to ask, since I'd just walked up. My back was completely killing me, and my legs, especially the one--aaugh! Anyway, the doctor had me ask the nurse for a sheet, and that's how I found out that I can go to a place on Sunrise Highway in Patchogue that should take my insurance for the prescription for glasses that I have. I'm also supposed to make an appointment with a vascular surgeon. Circulation devastation, I suppose.

Anyway, I had appointments two days in a row, and the doctor wants me to see the dietitian for a diverticulitis "food plan". They had a cancellation, so I have a one thirty appointment today. Otherwise, I'd have to wait until June. May as well get it all over with, right? I also go back on Saturday because they gave me a TB test (they apparently lost the results of the one they gave me, six months ago--busy office, I don't blame them!) and I have to be in there on Saturday at 11 AM for them to read the results.

Terror tells me that John's father is going to help her find a good used car, he's had some experience in that sort of thing. She only wants to work at 7-11 long enough to save up for a year's worth of auto insurance, then quit and look for something else, since she will have her license and a car (with insurance). She had enough money left over from financial aid for a cheap used car, so the insurance is her big point. This is what she told me. Carrie (John and Carrie are two of her friends from Suffolk, and they are both in the anime club with her) has a good lead on reasonably priced insurance. She only pays a bit over a thousand per year for hers. Terror did some research into it, enough to be reasonably sure that it's a pretty good price for her. She's not working in the Fall anyway, since she'll be back in school.

I miss Walter and Rich. They drove the Center Moriches / Riverhead bus run, and you could set your watch by them. Sometimes, you're lucky if your bus gets to where it's supposed to be to pick you up, a half hour or so late. There's lots more people taking the buses, and then you have people who take awhile loading, so it's understandable.

Have you ever had one of those times when your writing stalled, perhaps because you started at the wrong place in time? It happens to me quite a bit. I went to an earlier point in my story and started writing again. I'm in MayNoWriMo, signed up for 10k, and stalled at around 3k. I think I found the real starting point, though, since I started again yesterday. Have ot change a couple of character names that I already started writing, but that will not be hard. They were set within the parameter of the story, and it's still early enough that it can be rectified.


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