Saturday, June 30, 2007

July Novel Writing Month, And The Week In Review

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From The Desk of Liz Ensley:

                I signed up for JulNoWriMo a few days ago. I managed to catch my project up to the point where I could separate the story from the bible (*random cheering from the peanut gallery*), so I can keep the two separate. I will actually maintain word counts for both, because as I progress with the one, I shall also need the other to keep the story straight.
                I had started a picture of Daffodil in pencil, but the way it all came out, I am going to use it as the base for portraits of her, plus Dragan, plus Harald. Family members do tend to bear something of a resemblance, each to the other, so if I work with MS Paint on the base, to individualise each one, then voila!
I have also devised more ideas as to where to go with the first book. More specific ideas, at any rate, which is far better than the generalised ideas I had possessed towards the beginning.
                Of course, after the first book is written, I can start in right away on the second, and revise bits of the first as I go along as well. A trilogy always has three parts, and if I can complete the first revision of the first part, and the first draft of the second part simultaneously—well, let us just say that it is a Very Good Thing. I have read books that have ended up as parts of trilogies, and books in series that ended up confusing previous events a bit. If an event gets confuzzled in mine, then I would like the characters to do it. I dun'wanna, lol.

                That leaves one humongous question left to answer. Starting tomorrow, do I want to write 1667 words per day (approximate), or do I want to write 2500 words per day, five days per week, with two days off per week, for good behavior? Xp



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