Friday, September 12, 2008

Revisions, Decisions

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From The Desk of Liz Ensley:

I've been stuck enough tat I'm downloading OpenOffice ot try that for a change of venue. I have tried YWriter, which worked in the past, but seems hopeless now.

I need more coffee. Be right back.


Got my coffee. Okay. Now, I spent a lot of today thinking about the revisions, taking breaks here and thre to write a bit and to check my email and blogs. I really have not felt well, these past few months, and my daughter has not really been helping. I should buy a month's supply of stuff like hamburger, make a huge meat loaf, vut it apart and freeze it, and keep lots of canned veggies. Then all I need to worry about are perishables, and not food. Well, that, and breakfast cereal. Maybe tuna and Underwood(TM) Deviled Ham. I used to love that stuff. Get liver too, and have that once per week.

OpenOffice is stil ldownloading. I'll probably need to reboot, since some things are balking at me, baying like hounds at the moon. I already did a defrag. Maybe I'll do an analysis first, once the program;s done installing, to make sure I don't need to drfrag again.

Am I getting a bit paranoid? Probably.

Chuck was going to drive from Ohio and visit, but I talked him out of it. His friend wants his help setting up for the Bar Mitzvah, and his family wants to see him. He mgiht be making a trip to Boston in the Spring. That's a lot closer. Hades, I used to take the New London/Orient Point Ferry because it was a bit quicker then the train (shaved 2 hours off the trip). We have a bit of time to meet in person, no rushing into things headlong. Better to take the time to do things right, right? It also gives him time to check MapQuest for directions, now that we hae a bit ore time to put some thought into this. It's all the little stuff you don't think about at the time, that's the real killer.

Anyway, hopefully, OpenOffice will give me the altered perespective that I need, in order to get the revision of book one going in earnest (Poor Earnest).


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