Friday, February 08, 2013

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First I get an error report from Blogger, telling me that, ni essence, I can't post, and now I get the page that I can write and post.

Lucky me.

I swpent a month away from the Internet. Four days in the hospital with pneumonia, and the rest of the time in a nursing home for physical therapy. They want to continue the latter at home, too. I still have my cane, but they have me using a rollaider at home, too, to conserve energy.

Ah, the joys of COPD.

On a lighter note... although I didn't do any earth-shattering writing in there (terminally AFK for the month, but I've recovered enough to be home and on the 'net again), I did, actually, make a few notes on two characters. The writing was slow going, and painful. This is the first time with this series that I'm having this much "fun" getting started with it. I have research to do on atmospheric occultation, on what else would need to be  in air to tint a sun green, and how it may effect the surrounding flora and fauna. Quite a bit of it, I've written off the top of my head, son't know how many words, as it's all in longhand. Started in third person past, wrote some in first person present. Trying to get a handle on it, make some of it as concrete as plausible, because sine magic is involved, I also have quite a bit of implausible whimsy in there, as well.

I'll probably be sleeping a lot, too. I'm still in recovery from the pneumonia, and with the COPD that I've already been trynig to deal with, over the past few years, well, it's exhausting.

Now, just because I can:


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I know I submitted a thing having to start a topic about this. I'm glad it finally showed up, though... Phew!

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