Sunday, November 26, 2006

Leave The Humor In!

From The Desk of Liz Ensley:

          I wanted to commit an open letter to all the people who told me to leave the humor out of my fantasy novel.
          You guys suck. It's back, it wanted back and, thanks to Squirrelzilla, it's back to stay.
          It's not to say that there will not be serious in with the silly. There's too much serious material still to cover, for the silly to outweigh it. But the silly is what breaks up the straight-a$$ stuff. It was the initial inspiration for the series and, when you people made me take it away, it turned the series into Storyzilla, where it gained weight and put it all on the tush. I mean, really.
          You need silly. In my story, I really need it, to tone down the subject matter. It helps me maintain interest in a first draft and, darn it, it makes for a better read, IMO. I still have to get through the rest of the series too, one that's going to be a bit of a sappy romance but which actually fits well into the overall plot, which is foreshadowed from the first book, after a fashion, even from the pre-story. Heck, I even have sappy-crappy, kind of, in the pre-story, too.
          That's not to say that the folks (no one on my friend's list of that I know currently) who pooh-poohed the humor didn't have great ideas otherwise, but come on now, who's writing this story. And your problem with the title SWAIN'S WORLD? You mean, you've never heard of a working title? You know the end result's up to the editor anyway, and SWAIN'S WORLD was my title for the original, humorous short, years ago, that led into this series.
          So this is my declaration of freedom: the humor stays. Thank you. ;-)


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