Friday, September 07, 2007

he 1st Annual Endurance Writers' Half-Marathon!

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From The Desk of Liz Ensley:

          Good Morning Sprinters!
          Breaking news! An experimental event that has been on the back burner (the back burner of my mind, that is) since the start of this group is about to take place. The 1st Annual Endurance Writers' Half-Marathon!
          Yes. Due to a strange cosmic alignment of work schedules, the Half-Marathon event will be taking place this Tuesday, 9/11/2007. Apologies for the late notice, but as this event is still in the experimental stages, and I only have one "definite" all-day participant so far, I had to jump on the scheduling availability when I could. No worries, though. If this experiment proves successful, more events will be on the horizon for all.
          About the event: As the title implies, it is a long-term, all-day event lasting approximately 13.1 hours! *whew* A true endurance activity of proportions not attempted by THIS writer before. :-)
          The exact schedule of events for this day is posted under the FILES link on the left column of the group page (let me know if anything looks wonky, as I wrote this up at 2:30am and my eyes and brain were a little tired). If anyone wants to join the Half-Marathon sprints or to come and cheer us on during this time, please take note of the schedule, as we will be sticking to it pretty closely, and should be showing up on Yahoo Messenger during this entire period. (If you IM me on this day, I promise that I WILL reply eventually, but please don't despair if I don't respond right away.) Also, if you do happen to be available and willing to participate in the all-day event, or know someone who is, feel free to let me know! It is by no means closed to outside participation. In fact, I wholeheartedly welcome it!
          For a little more about the concept behind the Half-Marathon event, see the group's external website at:
          Again, even if you can't participate in the whole thing, feel free to jump in on portions of Tuesday's big event! The more the merrier. And we'll probably need the moral support, after about 7 hours or so... LOL.
          Looking forward to seeing you then, as I go forth with this crazy new
adventure and see where it leads me... :-)


          Liz's Note: The event starts at 3:00 AM HST, 12 noon EST. That must mak eit 9 AM for the Left Coast. For a little help figuring it out for you rime zone, I just Googled the Time Zone Converter. Also, a useful link during this, or at any other time, is the Online-Stopwatch, which has a countdown feature.



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