Monday, November 27, 2006

Global Novel Natter

From The Desk of Liz Ensley:

You will notice that I've altered the title field for this page. ;-) It reflects a conversation we older folks had in the Geezer's Clubhouse this past week. See, "National" is more like "International" nowadays; so we started discussing ter,s. Someone said "WoNoWriMo" didn't quite cut it. I'm not sure the conversation would have died if I hadn't suggested "Global Novel Writing Month", or "GloNoWriMo", or if someone else would hae suggested it. My fellow Geezers seemed to like it. Not that Chris Baty's going to change the name, or anything. It's just something we were talking about. ;-) And hence, the new page title, if not a new web address.


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