Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Yes, I'm cheating, right now.

From The Desk of Liz Ensley:

          Technically, I'm not supposed ot be on until after I finish typing my hand written notes. I found my AlphaSmart cord, so I can uplaod the text from it more easily, so I took the notebook out from the bathroom.
          I just felt like proceastinating for a bit. Let's see, after the notes I have to type up now, I should have about 18k words, which leaves 32k for NaNo.I'm not sure that I can manage 10k in a day, but I'll try, and that's for the next three days.. and well before Midnight.
          Well, a tad over 10k per day, since there's also that additional 2k...
          Here's to the last minute! And the final days of Nano. When it's done, then I can toast it with plum wine.


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