Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I Think I Have Had An Attack Of The Sillies

From The Desk of Liz Ensley:

The paragraph, narrative, that rI have just written. I've underlined the finla sentence, in the context. You'll see why I've got the momentary giddies.

For all that Richel knew, it could be everyone on the list, and they might be working towatds a common goal. Salusbourg might either jwnat to rule, or else might want to restore the throne to the Quartax family. It might even be anither, whose name escaped the list, but who desired the prestige and accumulate dwealth of the throne. Not that the throne was all that wealthy, abecause the funds did circulate back to the land. You had to sow what you wanted to reap, and he wnated a prosperous and healthy reign, jboth for himself, and for the people. That had been the whole purpose behind the war, which had culminated in his kingship. He had not actually wanted the rule, but Estelle and Baldur had talked him into it, along with Ellspeth's hand, and the rest of her as well.

nd no, not a Sue. That's how the name worked out. It's similar to mine, but I prefer Liz, sometimes Beth, or Elizabeth. But Ellspeth? Sorry. I know it's a varaition, but I'd never use it. My one Sue, and it was for an original fic that I never really worked on, I've used the name, instead, for my address on GoogleyGMailkins.


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